Sarah proudly served as a United States Marine and spent two, year-long tours in Afghanistan where she was a liaison officer to the local government of Helmand Province. During her time in Helmand, Sarah focused on empowering Afghan women to participate in the peace process and aiding the Afghan government in their efforts to develop community-based peace initiatives.

These experiences taught Sarah the high value of regional expertise and locally sustainable solutions. In the Middle East Studies Program at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Sarah is a Fouad Ajami Fellow. She is currently conducting research on the locally sustainable solutions to resilience challenges in the city of Byblos, Lebanon. In her free time, she is the ESL Program Director for No One Left Behind, a non-profit serving Afghan and Iraqi SIVs. Sarah is also a Tillman Scholar and Rumsfeld Foundation Fellow.

Sarah hopes to use her regional expertise, language skills, and practical experience gained through her military service and field research to work in the implementation and development of sustainable solutions to peace and resilience challenges in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.