Gunston Girls Head toward SYC Virginian Elite Soccer Tournament

Gunston Soccer Club Spirit Pre-NPL 2010 is headed to the SYC Virginian Elite Soccer Tournament this weekend. After an undefeated season the ladies of Gunston drew with Loudon 10 Girls White, 3-3, in one of their final matches on May 19th.

Set up for the pass. Photo Credit: Sarah Kallassy

Northern Virginia temperatures were high this past Sunday, with the unforgiving heat and humidity taking a toll on both teams. Still, Gunston was quick to take action against Loudon and defend their home turf at Grist Mill Park.

Time to take back possession. Photo Credit: Sarah Kallassy

Gunston SC Spirit plays in the NCSL U9 Division A, regularly making trips out of town to face their opponents. In addition to remaining undefeated, the talented Gunston players have been balancing school and soccer commitments all season.

The head didn’t hold Gunston back. Photo Credit: Sarah Kallassy

The precocious players were noticeably disappointed by the draw; however, they were able to draw positives from the match and reflect on areas for improvement. Avery, one of Gunston’s strikers, said that her team should, “keep their shape better and play more aggressively.” Maggie was happy with the team’s, “passing, and cutting them [Loudon] off.” Catherine seconded her teammates on these points, stressing their importance.

As Gunston moves toward their Tournament this weekend, Isabel said, “we need to pay more attention to where we are [on the field], because sometimes we run straight into trouble and we never really get out of it without them [the opponent] getting the ball.”

Gunston making a run for the ball! Photo Credit: Sarah Kallassy

When asked what advice they would give other teams after their successful season, Paige said it was important that teams, “stay aggressive,” while Ellie reiterated the importance of teams keeping their shape.

Gunston’s Coach, Sean Zatt, has been impressed with his players during this season of travel soccer, especially their creativity. He said, “they’ve had some excellent ideas in every game they’ve played, their ideas are so developed, especially for their age. They split defenders, they make moves and then accelerate.”

Post match with Coach Zatt. Photo Credit: Sarah Kallassy

Gunston will play in three guaranteed matches during this weekend’s tournament, with a chance at a fourth. A big win this weekend would bring a sweet end to a successful season! 

Congratulations on all of your hard work Gunston!

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